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"The paint makes suggestions in its own way..."

Ocllo Mason was raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and now resides in the Lakes Region of NH with her family.  A graduate of Bucknell University, Ocllo has been involved in the art world in various forms for years.  Acrylic paints are a favorite because of their flexible and obliging nature.   However, the control the artist can have over the outcome in this style of painting is limited, making for a delightful challenge.  The thesis of the present work is that the unpredictable cannot be forced.

"The growth curve of control is central to the development of these art pieces.  In the beginning of creating a painting, I have an idea of how I want it to turn out.  Expectations and hopes.  I can guide and urge the paint to go in a certain direction.  But as it develops, the paint can make suggestions in its own way, that is even better than my original idea. It’s like a conversation that I respond to with the paint communicating with me.  Happy unintended outcomes that exceed the original expectations are the lessons learned and taught."  


"We recently had the pleasure to work with Ocllo on a commissioned piece for our beach home.  Ocllo is a very talented artist and an amazing person!  She was open to ideas, listened to what we were looking for in a piece, and was willing to make any adjustments along the way.  We could not be any happier with our Seahorse Trilogy paintings, we have received so many compliments and they bring a smile to our face every time we look at them!

Ocllo is talented, professional, dedicated, and passionate about her work and will not only deliver but exceed your expectations.
Since commissioning our first piece, we have already purchased several additional paintings for ourselves and friends from MoMo Acrylic Paintings."
The Grier Family

"Ocllo is as delightful, unexpected, and colorful as her art. I am inspired by her enthusiasm and tenacity in creating her prolific portfolio and business.  Her artwork translates beautifully onto fabric with three successful collections with QT Fabrics. Quilters and sewists alike have created incredible quilts, accessories, and home décor.  It is a pleasure to work with Ocllo and her artwork.   I am proud to now call Ocllo a friend and will enjoy seeing where her creative spirit takes her next."
-Tiffany Jawor-Smith – Creative Manager, QT Fabrics


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