I cannot remember a time that I did not have some art project going on. I have never been without paint. My very favorite acrylic paints have forever surrounded me, staining my fingernails or streaking through my hair and occasionally, just occasionally, the paint goes in just the right place on a canvas, a wall, or a board in just the way I meant it to.  Wonderful moments!  

I have found a new way of exploring acrylic paint. I am fascinated! I hope you enjoy the way the paint blends, moves and pops, as much as I do.  No matter how exactly I replicate the application of the paint, I cannot get the exact same result twice. The paint simply has a mind of its own. Although, I thoroughly enjoy trying to make a match.  Images emerge in the painting that spark delightful conversation about what people see.  

The timing of my new discovery and obsession couldn’t be more perfect.  Two of my three boys are out of the nest and there is more time for these fun paint experiments and time to go to shows, and meet a great community of artists and art lovers.  Please let me know if you would like to have a painting for your space, or commission one of your desired colors and size.  

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Ocllo Mason