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For Products and Textiles

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Do you need artwork for your products and textiles? MoMo Acrylic Paintings has several techniques, and designs to choose from or she can custom create a design that suits your needs with a little of this style and a little of that style, a bit more of this color and a touch less of that.  Ocllo’s style would be striking on wallpaper, bedding, fashion, luggage, the list is as endless as products you can imagine.  Recently, she has designed 3 fabric lines with QT Fabrics, notebooks with Top Flight Inc. and a variety of other companies that produce commercial wall art. 



Staging and Home Consultations

Customer Focused

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A home consultation for a custom piece of artwork is a great way to get some input from the artist about a style and color that compliments the existing decor and the personality of the customer.  If you are going to invest in a piece of custom original art, and you live in the lakes region on NH, consider this service.  We charge $75 an hour for consulting.  We go over what artwork you currently have, what artwork you admire, the colors you have surrounding you in your home on your furniture, your shelves, your walls, sometimes it’s even telling to talk about what colors you like to wear.  

We can get an idea of what direction to take for your custom artwork.  We will measure the actual space you are looking to fill and make recommendations for size, shape and depth of your new painting.  Also, we will discuss whether you’ll be framing it or letting the sides of the wrapped canvas show.  My techniques have marvelous sides that have the beautiful colors run down in a continuation of the movement of the colors of the painting. 

When staging your home for sale, borrowing artwork consider actual paintings, to fill the walls where family photos had been, or brightening space left empty is attractive to potential buyers.  It makes the rooms look put together and creates warmth.  We would come look at the space first and make recommendations on which pieces would work best.  We charge $75 for the first hour of consultation and recommendations.  Staging prices range from $50 to $200 per piece, depending on the size and value of the artwork chosen.  You can keep them for up to 3 months, or until your house sells.  Service limited to the lakes region on NH.  Delivery and pick up is included.  


Original Art that Transforms Spaces


A unifying artistic theme is beneficial in a corporate setting for both employees as well as customers, for public-facing businesses.  Uplifting motivating for employees and customer reception for public-facing businesses.  MoMo Acrylic Paintings would love to come to help beautify your lobby, hallway, or offices.


Corporate and Public Art
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